Test any site for the Heartbleed bug

Heartbleed is a huge and very dangerous bug that has been found in the OpenSSL, an open source piece of software used by many websites use, including Amazon, Yahoo, soundcloud, last pass and tumblr. The bug has been around since 2011, but has only recently been noticed by a google employee. It’s hands down, the worst security flaw in the history of the internet. This security flaw allows the stealing of data that should be protected by SSL, a secure internet protocol. This enable hackers to extract 64 bytes of un-encrypted text from a website, over and over again. Be it your password, bank account details or your address, they can all be compromised, if the site has the flaw. The worst part is, the website can’t find out if it has been compromised. If you use chrome, install this extension, and you’ll be notified if a site you visit has this bug in it. You can find the top 1000 websites that use openSSL here. If you want to find out if a site that you use has this bug, click here. So, make sure you change your passwords! This is important! CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS!

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